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Do you need a website that is simple to edit, easy to use, search engine optimized and that loads super fast? One that not only ranks well but that turns visitors into leads or, even better, paying customers?

“Finally, a website that works”

I design and build websites that work – and by work I mean they are super easy to update and edit, they are designed to get more traffic, they load really fast, they look good on any device, and they work to turn your visitors into leads who will buy from you.

Not only that – if you follow my tips your site should rank well in Google and get more organic traffic over time. More traffic means you can work on conversions. More conversions means more sign-ups, more bookings, more sales.

If you’re looking for someone to help with web design you no doubt have a bunch of questions, and maybe a few concerns. Whether this is your first website or it’s time for a major website redesign, there are 4 main things you and I need to do.

Simple Steps to Website Success

Plan It Well

If you go to any developer without one of these you’ve already spent a ton of money. Save time and stress – get sorted first.

Design & Build

With everything planned out, the build is a breeze. I’ll custom design, you’ll have access to watch the site being built and can give feedback.

Test & Accelerate

Slow websites suck. So do broken buttons and links and so on. Site speed optimisation and user testing get you rolling smooth.

Promote & Nurture

Digital marketing, social media, link-building, website audits and more. Ongoing SEO isn’t hard and it doesn’t take long each month.

About Flick Digital

Flick Digital is a Web Design & Digital Marketing Consultancy located between Hakuba, Japan & Napier, New Zealand. I worked as a web manager and guide in the Outdoor Tourism Industry for many years, and know the industry well.

I not only understand business from the inside, I have professional experience in web design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. I incorporate keyword research, on-site & technical SEO, site speed optimisation and more into all web design projects.


    Working in the SEO industry I have seen the front and back of a lot of websites. Some of them are limiting, some frustrating, some strange, and some are just really budget. Now and again you get something incredible. I found that, and decided not to use anything else again.


    When I started doing web design, I had no idea how to work with the client (you) to create something perfect. Done the wrong way it can go nowhere fast and waste a whole lot of time and money. I have created streamlined and simple processes to get things sorted easily.

More than Web Design & Development

Using my road-mapping service you will do a deep dive into your business. You’ll specify your ideal customer profile, and I’ll go into their online habits and do keyword research to fine-tune strategy.

Then I’ll create a custom website designed with your guests, clients and customers in mind. You can offer feedback and suggestions along the way, and I’ll also teach you how to update and add blog posts, optimize your content for SEO, and so on.

Ongoing Web & Digital Services

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    Reports that actually help

    Clear and simple, to help you better understand where your customers are coming from, how they respond to your site, where to improve on.

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    Site Development & Optimisation

    Updates and improvements based on user testing, content writing and marketing, website audits, keyword ranking and conversion tracking.

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    Monthly packages

    The Virtual Web Manager Package allows owners and teams to focus on creating and delivering amazing experiences for their guests, without the costs of an in-house webmaster.

Web & Digital Training & Support

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    Website training

    On-boarding lessons take you through everything from logging into the back-end of your site to easily making edits and updating things.

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    Researched recommendations

    Suggestions for site optimisation and keyword researched articles to create high-value, evergreen content. Ideas come from real users browsing habits.

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    SEO & Digital Tips

    Members get weekly updates with actionable steps to improve their site, add value to their visitors and get more traffic and conversions. Just 2 hours a week makes a difference.


In most cases the first step is a meeting or consultation, often over Skype. You talk about what you want, the web designer or developer listens, asks a few questions if they’re savvy, and then comes back with a proposal they spent a while on.

You then say you’ll think about it, and they come back every week, and it’s kind of awkward. Or the boss needs to sign it off, but she’s away. Nothing gets done so she’s mad about it when she gets back.

Even if we decide to do business we still haven’t got anywhere. It’s only at this point that any money changes hands, so it’s only here that any real work gets done. And the funny thing – all the work in this stage is you. All the designer does is give you a way to organise your thoughts. You could have done ALL of this yourself quite easily, if you had known how.


I hated the above way of doing things and I don’t do business like this anymore. The first step is for you to decide exactly what you want. But I know how hard that can be – that’s why you pay a consultant like me. So the first step is for me to guide you in the process of realising exactly what you need.

But first things first – we need to see if we’re a good fit. If you’re interested in learning more, planning the website that will launch or level up your business, or building something that will really reach your audience, and then getting found online, click the button right there – yes, the one that says “Take The First Step”. I’ll send you through a few questions, you can let me know more about you and your project, and if we’re a good fit we can take it from there.

“Finally, a website like I always wanted. Sure it looks great on any device – that’s a must with half our guests using cellphones & tablets. More than that, it’s super easy for myself and the Evergreen team to edit, update and add content.”Dave Enright - DIrector, Evergreen Outdoor Center


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